Bar Boot Camp’s audit management services are tailored to the unique needs of each different business operation, and are geared toward increasing your profits, expanding your customer base, and allowing for an ease of operation in the business, as well as identifying potential problems and offering quality solutions.

Our personalized Bar Boot Camp Audit Services involve:

Bar Boot CampAuditing your establishment on a pre-set weekly or biweekly basis. This involves performing a complete inventory, during which you provide us with purchase invoices and sales reports from your POS for the designated audit time frames.

Once the reports have been received, a full analysis will be performed offsite, which will list the variance between what should have been sold to generate revenue and what was actually used to generate revenue, providing a sales-to-loss ratio.

A pour cost evaluation for each major liquor category. This includes draft beer, bottled beer, wine and liquor, and will provide you with all of your profit margins for each area of your bar, as well as a complete on-hand value of product for each category.

Pricing evaluations – including an analysis of pricing for each product, the impact Happy hour has on your bottom line, recognizing poor profit areas as well as the high profit areas so that you can focus on the correct areas.

Evaluate your current vendors on pricing, delivery effectiveness and competitiveness in the local Pittsburgh market. Once the problem areas have been established, this is where Bar Boot Camp will make the difference. Our qualified industry professionals will meet with you and establish goals that help you maximize your profit potential. We will improve communication between management goals and staff requirements, and implement necessary policies and procedures to ensure a better guest experience.

Bar Boot Camp utilizes a team of qualified industry professionals who will help you deliver a better product in a cost-effective manner and make your staff an effective revenue source for many years to come.

For more information on our Bar Boot Camp Services, contact us today, and learn how Bar Boot Camp can help you to take advantage of our services to maintain your business and your customers.