An ever growing concern I hear owners and managers talk about is how to motivate their employees. There are many different incentives used over the years, all of which have some degree of success. As I thought about what would motivate me, the one clear component is success. In order to be successful we have to be prepared and be given the tools to succeed in our environment. So as we all ponder how to motivate employees we  first need to evaluate are we setting them up for success. Have we given them the policies and procedure to flourish in our place of business? Did we communicate our goals and visions clearly to them and have we given them the organization and materials needed to execute the goal? Not every employee is going to be motivated in our place of business, some goals and visions will never align, but if we find that the bulk of our staff is unmotivated maybe we have to evaluate if we have failed them in some aspect along the way.