It is hard to express how valuable Tony DiDonato’s services are to all four of our restaurants. His scrupulous approach to liquor management has made us aware of how inefficient our bar operations were prior to his arrival. His methodical inventories and usage analysis help us squeeze every dollar out of our liquor, beer, and wine stocks. ”
-Yves Carreau
Big Y Group

Tony DiDonato provides a unique, one of a kind, first class service. I’ve been in this industry 20 years and seldom do I hire a third party to oversee any part of my operation. I personally recommend Tony’s company to oversee any inventory. Our annual pour costs remain at a solid 24% and our weekly purchases are on average $2000 less than in the previous three years.”
-Donato Coluccio C.E.C.
aka CHEF d.
Owner/Managing Partner
Donato’s Fox Chapel

Tony’s understanding of the restaurant business, and his attention to detail, make his services extremely valuable. In my two years of working with Tony, I have yet to encounter a situation that he is not able to offer a quick, efficient solution. More often than not, he is identifying problem areas and immediately bringing them to my attention with a recommended solution. He has made all four of our bar operations more profitable while causing our staff and management to be more accountable for our product. ”
-Nick Rizzo
Director of Operation
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“Own a restaurant? Run a bar?
Think you know what is going on with your liquor costs, inventory, staff and everything else involved with the extremely difficult and temperamental business that you made you life?
I have been a GM for the better part of 17 years and my father has been in the restaurant business for over 35 years (owning or running over 20 restaurants) – we both agree that hiring Tony to be our Alcohol Loss Prevention Specialist has been worth its weight in GOLD and one of our best decisions.
When you run or own a restaurant, you have 50 million things going on, every single day.
Tony DiDonato provides stability through numbers, inventory control, and accountability. In the 4 years that we have worked together, I would venture to say that he has saved my business 80-100K. We all realize that there is theft in the bar business, and we have cut ours to nearly ZERO. Imagine how much more money that keeps in your pocket.
I post his weekly audits in my kitchen for my staff to see…all of my staff, not just the bartenders. This provides many different positive outcomes. It demands accountability. It allows you to be transparent with your employees. It opens up a “water cooler” dialogue between employees and makes them feel involved and part of the “inner workings” of the business. All previous examples are huge for high employee morale, which is absolutely vital to a successful business.
All in all, Tony is a no nonsense guy that tells it like it is – which we all need. He knows alcohol, keeps up with the latest trends in beer and wine, helps with employee training, and understands the restaurant business as a whole. I can not image one instance that Tony would not be a valuable asset to any restaurant.
Most Sincerely,
-Talbot Reiber – GM
W. Rick’s Taproom & Grill